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Help using the map
The arrows in the bottom right corner of the map allow you to pan up, down and across. You can zoom out (-) for an overview and zoom in (+) for a closer look and to access the Options menu to see nearby stops, ticket/Opal card outlets and points of interest
When zoomed in, the Options menu will appear in the top right hand corner of the map . Tick or untick to show or hide the following items on the map:
- Train station platforms, bus/coach stops, ferry wharves and light rail stops. Mouse over to see next services departing, or to plan a trip to/from this location.
Opal card/ Tickets
- Mouse over the icon to see whether you can get an Opal card, top up or buy tickets.
Points of interest
- Places of interest and landmarks. Mouse over to plan a trip to/from this location.
Plan a Trip
Mouse over a stop or point of interest to view the next few departures, or select ‘From’ or ‘To’ from the stop bubble. Alternatively, right click to set ‘From’ and ‘To' locations anywhere else on the map. Tablet users need to tap and hold to set locations. Click ‘Go’ to get results on the Trip plan results page.
You can also choose a ‘From’ location and click ‘Go’ to view results of all services departing from/near that location in the Next departures page.
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